Westfall Goes Blue

Chris Westfall came to Indiana State at the end of March to share his thoughts and ideas with the Scott College of Business, our Public Relations class, and also to anyone that went to watch his presentation. Chris Westfall is a pitch coach who has coached many people to success. He is also a great author and a fantastic Keynote speaker.

Via: https://kreationsbykierraphotography.pixieset.com/

Check out more photos of the Westfall visit HERE

Some Key Items I learned From Chris Westfall

Leadership Starts With Your Story — Chris told us this and also gave us bracelets that had that written on them. He explained that what he meant by that is that we should use our story and what we’ve learned to be leaders and teach from our experiences. Also, he explained that we should also use our stories to portray our passion and to explain why we are doing the things we are doing.

Create Value for Your Customer/Employer — Westfall explained to us during his visit that it is important to create value for your customer or your employer, instead of just telling them why you are good. Basically, you should make your service valuable for them instead of just saying that you know what you’re doing or you’ve been in service for a certain amount of time. He mentioned that you want to prevent them from being able to say “So What?” whenever you are pitching yourself.

Listen When Someone Tells You That You’re Good at Something– This is something that I was able to learn from Chris in class when he was talking about his story. He explained how he never thought that he would be good at what he was doing but he began doing it because he had people in his life telling him that they saw something special in him. This is helpful for me to listen to the people that are going to take time to tell me that I’m good at something or that want to help me succeed.

Chris Westfall is great at what he does and has a bunch of knowledge to share! I look forward to reading more from him and continuing to read his books. Here is Chris’s website if you want to check him out!



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