Class Reflection

Comm 368, Public Relations, is easily one of the best classes I have ever taken! I looked forward to going to this class every day that we had class.

Preparing for Your Career

The reason this class was one of the best classes I have ever taken is because it prepared me to succeed in my career better than any other class I have taken before. Mullen is very good at preparing students for their career and building a great professional portfolio. We learned how to make a good resume, make business cards, how to write a cover letter, and many other things for our career.

Social Media

Another aspect that Mullen taught us that was very helpful was learning to use social media to help our careers. We learned how to set up and use LinkedIn which is a great tool to make professional connections. LinkedInScreen Shot 2017-05-03 at 11.11.09 PM is something we can use outside of this class and for the rest of our careers to grow our networks and contact other professionals. Also, we learned how to write blogs to help our careers and to learn basic writing skills. This will help us in the future when we need to do any writing and also if future employers want to see any writing samples.

Public Relations

The final aspect of class the Ms. Mullen was great in teaching us was how to do certain things in Public Relations. One of the things that we learned in this area was how to write a press release. That was something that I did not really know how to do before and will help me in the future. A few other things we learned about public relations were campaign strategies, crisis communication, and even how to make fliers.

All of our assignments were helpful and were fun for the most part. The only thing I wish we would have covered more is the crisis communication. The reason for that is really just a personal preference because I enjoy learning how to handle those situations.

Overall this was a fantastic class and I would highly recommend!


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