Interviewing a Professional

Whenever deciding who I wanted to interview for class, I wanted to make sure I found a person that has a career similar to the one I desire. I found this somewhat challenging because I do not know many people in this field and have little connection to this specific area. Thankfully, I was able to meet an intelligent man who has had experience in the field of work that I plan on pursuing. My interview with J.T. Jeffries was very helpful and insightful for me and my career.

J.T. has been very successful in his young career. He received his bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies and then went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Recreation and Sports Management. He is now working as The Face of MyFox 10 at WTHI-TV. This position includes being a community/network liaison, assisting in promotions, event planning, assisting in production, and many other important tasks to benefit the network.

Image from LinkedIn: J.T. Jeffries

During the interview, I asked J.T. for some advice for my career based on his experiences and the work he has done so far in his career. Here are a few things he kindly shared to me:

1. “Get connected.” Very simply, he told me that connections are pretty much everything for my career. He was very clear in saying that connections are key to success.

2. “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort-zone.” He explained that my career would not be successful if I only stuck with what I knew and what was comfortable. He told me that the reason he has been successful in his career is because he has challenged himself to do this.

3. The final piece of advice J.T. shared with me was to “Love what you do.” He told me that I would do my best work if I love the job I am doing. This is great advice that I will definitely take to heart.

I am incredibly thankful for the time that J.T. took to sit down and talk to me about my career and learning about his career. The information I received from him was very valuable for me and my career. I am looking forward to our new friendship and the value that he will bring me in the future.

Check out J.T. on LinkedIn



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