Blogging for Beginners

Though I am a new blogger myself, here are some tips that might help get you started:

Photo Credit: Olivier Riche via Flickr


Be Familiar With Your Audience

Understand whom you are writing to so you know what they might want to hear. Your audience will dictate what you write about, the words you use, and how you write.

Be Creative

What is going to set you apart from everyone else? Nobody wants to read the same blog over and over so don’t be like everyone else. Incorporate different writing styles and techniques than other bloggers that you read so it sets you apart. Creativity makes your posts interesting and keeps readers wanting more.

Be Concise 

Don’t ramble on about unnecessary ideas. Get straight to the point and be done.

Be Consistent

Your readers will become familiar with you and your content. Therefore, do not change it up because your readers will be upset if you change the way you do things. People like things to be a certain way so don’t change it up!

Be Yourself

Show your voice in your writing. It is important to show your personality so your readers can understand who you are and where you are coming from.

Be Relatable 

Use words to connect with your readers. This goes hand-in-hand with being yourself. Be yourself and relate with your readers. This creates more of a conversation with your readers and creates a way for your readers to connect with what you are saying.

Some More helpful blogging tips that I have used can be found here


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